Wedding Shawl

This is the second finished project from my loom, and I love it almost more than the first. It was intended to be a wedding shawl for a friend… Who was getting married in June, in 100deg weather. Ehh, its the thought that counts 😉

The pattern is called “huck lace,” and it was fascinating and easy to weave. It creates an interesting wave-like pattern by alternating basic weave sections with long “float” sections. This means that once the fabric is removed from the loom and loses that tension the float areas are allowed to bunch together, while the plain weave sections stay stable. It also means that the warp threads float on one side, and the weft on the other, to create an interesting color effect.

I was inspired by the pattern in examples online, and I wanted to do something traditional by giving a blue gift to a bride. I found a lovely soft full wool (Jaggerspun Heather Line 2/8) in cream and light blue. Oh it is glorious yarn. So easy to work with, and so soft once I fulled it.

In the end I was having so much fun I wove a little too far, the “shawl” is almost long enough to be a lap blanket. But it feels and looks so good, I can’t complain. I really truly enjoyed this project, and can’t wait to see what I’ll weave next.


50’s Silk


I made this dress for a wedding I attended last summer. You may recognize the pattern, I used it for the Science Girl Eats dress, and (with heavy modifications) the Fifties Alice dress, and this border print contra dance dress, and this first instance of the returning dress. And even, actually, when I made a bride’s maid dress for a friend’s wedding last june.

This dress is silk, and I took more care with it than I usually do with sewing. I even used horse-hair braid in the hem and I cut the hem unevenly (intentionally this time, I promise!) because I wanted the hem to curl and twirl with every move. It worked perfectly.

I love this pattern because it is easy to sew, it is super flattering, it is easily adaptable to whatever I need to use it for. The dress can be casual and fun or formal and yet still comfortable to wear.

I reviewed this pattern here: Butterick Retro Dress B5603 ★★★★★

Hey readers, its sharing time! Do you have a pattern that you return to time and time again? Do you have a pattern that is perfect nearly every time you use it? Do you have a pattern that you’ve had to buy multiple times because you keep wearing out the tissue paper (or maybe you don’t even need the pattern anymore because you can draw it with your eyes closed)?

Bridesmaid Dress

This was a dress I did to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding last summer. And yes, you’ve seen this pattern before, its one of my favorites. Its the Retro Butterick 5630 dress.

I lined it and added some green tulle to simulate a petticoat and add a little flash of color when I twirled.

Its made out of spoonflower sateen that is hand-dyed. It was a charming and fun wedding. Each of us made our own dresses and dyed them. The bride and groom are some of my closest friends, and they know how to throw a wedding.

I reviewed this pattern here: Butterick Retro Dress B5603 ★★★★★

The One With The Wedding

So yep, the secret crazy time consuming project I’ve been working on was a WEDDING DRESS. I feel so special and accomplished.

A good friend of our family was getting married, wanted it do it on a sane budget (ie, less than it would cost to buy a house) and didn’t like most things about modern wedding dresses. So she turned to me, since she knew I liked to sew. It was wonderful to work with her, she’s very sane, and calm, and never once went bridezilla, even through all the craziness that always surrounds wedding plans.

The dress was very simple, but pure elegance in its simplicity! (The Middleman, anyone? No? Go check it out. Then come back and laugh at my bad joke.) Its 50’s style, slightly longer than tea length, with a simple sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. The base is a plain white underdress of spoonflower’s sateen (unprinted, obviously) with a lace overdress. We chose that lace because the bride absolutely fell in love with the edging.

I wish I had a clear picture of the back of the dress. I used the classic wedding buttons because I think they’re just wonderful. And the lace used in the sleeves come to a nice V shape in the back that’s just beautiful, if I do say so myself.

I also made the veil, because WOW, wedding stores charge a LOT for veils. Seriously, her veil is two layers with a blusher, and goes almost down to her ankles. The materials for it cost about 6$ and took less than 30 minutes to put together. In a “budget” wedding store, they charge 50-100$ for something like that, more if you want pearls or lace or crystals.

Anyways, I feel seriously proud of how the whole thing turned out. She looks absolutely adorable. One of her requests was that the dress TWIRL. I couldn’t agree more.