Vogue Dress V8360 ★★★

8lineartThis pattern is weirdly complicated, and not super flattering once I finished it. However, that said, I did change quite a few things about it. And its not perfect for my body type. And in the end, I did quite like what I ended up with, it was just more effort than I thought it would be, and didn’t quite work like I expected.

It claims to have different bodice pieces for different cup sizes, but you shouldn’t trust these. It also required sew in bra cups to really work for me. The skirt also has a lot less fabric and flow than you might expect from the line art.

You can see photos of this dress here: Words of Fire Dress

Purple Shirt Dress

I’ve been having lots of fun with surprise linings lately!

This dress came from vogue pattern 8577, which I got because it has my two favorite things: a flowy skirt, and POCKETS. I reviewed my experience with the pattern here: Vogue Shirt Dress V8577 ★★★★★

I made it out of a medium weight linen, because I just love the texture of linen and because the dark purple caught my eye. Though it also left my hands fairly purple by the end of it. The green lining was an impulse, but I’m glad I went with it. I love that extra bit of color.