Colette Zinnia in Yellow Silk

The skirt that should have had pockets…

So I was making this lovely skirt out of some yellow striped silk, following the Colette Zinnia pattern. And because it is silk, I decided I’d do all the right things. I’d take my time, measure twice, pin everything, even put proper french seams in it. And I got so into “being good” that I completely and utterly forgot to put in the pockets. And that was one of the things I am always most excited about. Oh well, lesson learned, don’t pay so much attention to the little things that you forget the big things you wanted in the first place.

You can read my review of the pattern here: Colette Zinnia Skirt ★★★★★

Regardless, this skirt is wonderful, and I quite like how it turned out. The pattern is simple and easy to follow, and workable in many different fabric types. It has twelve pleats around the skirt, and an invisible zipper and button closer in the back. It can have pockets, if you remember to put them in.

I also used some of the scraps to make a matching headband for myself. I never used to be in love with the color yellow, in my own clothing that is. But I’m really warming up to this sunshine not-quite-orange but not-quite-mustard definitely not pastel color of yellow.

Blue Corduroy Skirt

This is one of those examples of times when I make a horrible mistake that turns out perfectly. For you see, I’d forgotten that corduroy not only has a very obvious grain line, but that light hits it differently in one direction of that grain than the other. And yet I paid no attention to which way the top of my pieces were pointing when I cut them out.

You can see the offending pieces right there to the side of the center panel, yes, the ones that perfectly accentuate your hips in a skirt like this. I feel like the vertical lines create a slimming effect, an also exaggerate the curves in the interesting piecework of this pattern. I love that I wasn’t paying attention and it worked out so wonderfully. Sometimes luck happens.

The pattern itself is Vogue 8750. I chose it because it has that interesting bit of flare and twirl, and I love the construction. It was very easy and simple pattern to put together, for all its apparent complexity. I went to a little effort to make it actually look professional and did some topstitching along the seam lines.

All in all, I’m excessively pleased with this skirt. I wrote a review of the pattern I used here: Vogue Skirt V8750 ★★★★

Butterick Jacket B4954 ★★★★

11lineartI was very pleased with this pattern. I altered it somewhat heavily, and went for a lapeled look instead of the high collar. And added turn backs to the slit/pleat at the back of the coat as well as the front, as I was going for a completely different look. But this pattern managed alterations well, and was easy to construct in the basics.

It is definitely a time intensive pattern, as with the lining et al there are a lot of pieces to match together. But the result was well worth it for me.

I used this pattern for this project, it was my Lion Tamer’s tailed coat: Spoonflower Halloween – Phantom Circus