Science Girl is Sour

Science Girl had the opportunity to attend a new event last week. The Museum of Life and Science had an After Hours event about the “Science of Sour.” It covered everything from fermentation, to pickling, to how your taste buds work. And of course I had to make a themed dress.

Spoonflower actually had a pickle design contest lately, so I had a lot of designs to choose from. My favorite was this design by pinky_wittingslow covered with watercolor cucumber slices, and even a hint of dill in the background. I used the cotton lawn fabric because of its soft texture and easy drape.

I used the same dress pattern you’ve seen plenty of other times on other projects. To switch things up a bit I hand drafted petal sleeves. I’ve been meaning to try them again in something more formal, and I’m so glad I did. It added an interesting element to this dress that I feel really drew attention.

I reviewed this pattern here: Butterick Retro Dress B5603 ★★★★★

Because the lining would show at the edge of the sleeves I wanted something perfect that would complement the colors of the pickles. I chose this design by brainsarepretty and printed it on satin. Slippery to sew, but perfect for linings.


Science Girl Drinks Beer… yes, again.

Science of Beer is coming up, hopefully I can get this made by thursday for Science Girl, it’s been awhile since she’s made a real appearance. I loved the interesting gradient effect on their poster and wanted to emulate it. I’m also trying out a 3D modeler that allows me to see a dress concept without going to the expense and bother of actually sewing it. Its fun to play with!

Pattern is Burda 122- Cap sleeve Godet Dress


Hops and wheat designs by Phillip Markel on spoonflower.

The middle yellow has the chemical makeup of ethanol (like the second panel in the poster) and was “designed” by me for the purpose, as well as the pale gray with museum butterfly logo.


I reviewed this dress pattern here: Burda Style Cap Sleeve Godet Dress ★★

Science Girl Goes To Space

The local museum wished to celebrate the flight of Yuri Gargarin, the first man in space, and of course Space Girl had to go along.

The pattern was a simple one I actually used previously on this octopus dress, when I first joined spoonflower (and completely unrelated, started sewing more frequently). McCall’s M6027. I wrote a review of this pattern here: McCall’s Dress M6027 ★★★

The fabric is one of Spoonflower’s most popular galaxy prints. But, it wasn’t quite evocative of a true midnight sky… It needed something more.

I used the excellent bedazzling skills I learned at halloween to give the dress a little extra sparkle.

The dress was a big hit, everyone loved it. There was even a place where you could pose with real space-gear in front of the moon mural. Science Girl couldn’t fit the helmet on her head, so she chose the boot instead.

Science Girl Eats – AGAIN

This is the dress I made for Science of Eats 2014. I’ve been super busy lately, but I still wanted to do a new Science Girl outfit, so I made up this dress pattern in about 10 seconds. And by made it up, I mean I decided to attach a simple circle skirt to the waist of these deer-and-doe tshirts. I chose mushrooms because it was part of the theme of this year’s event to seed your own mushroom log.

This dress is made of Spoonflower’s new Modern Jersey. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this fabric, and the more I sew with it the more I love it. The fabric is designed by Nadja Petremande.


Also a cool trick for all those lazy seamstresses out there like me: If you have a serger that can do a rolled hem (and most can!) you can get that curly hem effect by simply stretching the fabric out as far as you can while sewing a rolled hem. Just choose a thread color that compliments or contrasts your fabric, and you get a fantastic effect with almost no effort.


Science Girl Drinks Beer


There is a local science museum that holds adult events where you can drink beer and eat food and learn about science! They’re pretty fantastic. My roommate works there, actually, so from the earliest events I’ve had fun creating themed garments to wear to each event.
This was for the yearly favorite of Science of Beer (last october). The fabric is decorated with beautifully sketched hops, an important ingredient in brewing beer. It is designed by Phillip Markel.

The dress pattern is excessively simple, as are my preferences. You can basically lie down on the fabric and trace yourself, then add a seam at the sides and on the shoulders. The fabric is spoonflower’s organic cotton knit.

If you’d like to see the other dresses in the Science Girl collection, check them out here.

Science Girl Eats

Right, yes, so I’ve been really really busy. Really really really really busy I mean. But here, finally, is Science Girl at the NC Museums of Life and Science’s After Hours Event: Science of Eats! Yay!

The fabric was designed by my friend and coworker Janet, but she doesn’t have anywhere for me to link to it, so I’ll have to add that later. (she also took the photos of me, and my hair.) Oh, and what’s that in my hair? Its a stick of asparagus, and some basil leaves. Because I NEVER pick a theme and only take it halfway. (And a carnation, but its February, there are no good red fruits or vegetables you can find in a grocery story at 6pm with only 5 minutes to figure out how you’re going to stick it in your hair. And I think maybe carnations are edible anyways.)

I did the embroidery myself, to add just that little touch to make the dress more like the poster for the event. I got so many compliments for this dress, and its still one of my favorite ones to wear!

The pattern is great and one I’ve used several times. I’ve reviewed it here: Butterick Retro Dress B5603 ★★★★★

Science Girl Glows

Here she is…. Science Girl: Glow! This was my last minute outfit for the GLOW event at the Museum of Life and Science. Its made out of two XL tshirts (one black, one neon yellow) some neon thread accents, and some glow in the dark pink puff paint. For about 2hrs work I think it turned out quite wonderful. Its even got some jelly fish painted on the hem, since they were the feature on the Glow poster.

GLOW was featured on WRAL’s website. I appear in one picture, next to the people with the incredibly awesome hats, by Hannah Pertalion, who happens to be one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Science Girl – The Beginning

What is this? Oh, its just the poster for the awesome event at a local museum. SCIENCE FICTION with actual SCIENCE. Oh yes, its real. If you’re local to Durham, NC, you should check out the NC Museum of Life and Science’s After Hours events.

They have cool stuff like “Science of Beer” and “Science of Wine” and other adult topics. Heroes and Villains is all about the science behind movie special effects, board games, comic books, and cool geeky stuff. I have named the super hero on the poster Science Girl. And yes, I am going to make that outfit and wear it to the event. ‘cause I am just that awesome.

EDITED: Oops, actually that’s not an original super hero, evidentially its Mary Marvel. Clearly I’m not exactly up on old-school comics. Oh well…. I still might make something to wear to the museum event, haha.

Since I’ve been posting super wordy long posts lately, here’s a crappy low-quality picture of the Science Girl costume! While it may be one of the coolest, its not the neatest thing I’ve sewn in awhile. (See what I did there? Puntastic!) But I sewed it in about 4 hrs straight, and it only had to survive the one night of Heroes and Villains After Dark. And it was a fantastically fun night.

Sadly, I don’t have a good picture of me actually wearing it. I seriously need to get better about that. Oh well.