Vogue Dress V8360 ★★★

8lineartThis pattern is weirdly complicated, and not super flattering once I finished it. However, that said, I did change quite a few things about it. And its not perfect for my body type. And in the end, I did quite like what I ended up with, it was just more effort than I thought it would be, and didn’t quite work like I expected.

It claims to have different bodice pieces for different cup sizes, but you shouldn’t trust these. It also required sew in bra cups to really work for me. The skirt also has a lot less fabric and flow than you might expect from the line art.

You can see photos of this dress here: Words of Fire Dress

Butterick Sheath Dress B5672 ★★★★

9lineartThis pattern is actually quite easy to put together. And, if you ignore the hideous fabric which they chose for the cover model, it ends up being quite sophisticated. Even though its not my usual style, I was quite satisfied with the results.

I made the mistake of using a 1-way stretch instead of a 2-way stretch fabric, and so it doesn’t give as much when pulling the dress on. However, it holds is structure quite well, and I would be worried about that with a softer knit. Choose your fabric wisely.

I used this pattern for making this dress: Wallpaper Dress

Butterick Blouse B5497 ★★★★

7lineartThis pattern is very easy, and pretty flexible. Both shirts I’ve made with it are very flattering and have gotten multiple compliments.

The first time I tried it, I made version B and actually totally missed that it was supposed to be made out of a stretch fabric. This means that its actually quite difficult to get on, but once on it wears just fine.

When I did version A, on the other hand, I used a very soft loose knit, which feels great. But the V-neck is a little too deep for me, and is slightly near-exposing.

With a couple of tweaks, this blouse pattern works great. And the details in the back are always what people point out as lovely.

I used this pattern to create this shirt: Floral Shirt

Butterick Bolero B5232 ★★★★

Well, I’m writing this review 4 years later, so I really remember almost nothing about sewing this bolero, except that I was rushed and working on a costume, and making things up as I went along, so most of it wont be valid.

I do remember that nothing in the pattern had me going “wait, what?” and I think its fairly simple, so I can’t imagine there’s anything too problematic in it.

I used the longer version of the sleeves, and they are tight on my forearms. Historic pattern it may be, and it may be using historic sizes for what your forearms are. I am not a delicate flower of a woman.

All in all, this pattern served me well. (In researching it for writing this review I just discovered that this pattern is now out of print! I hope I still have it somewhere… hm….)

I used this pattern here: Adventures in Steampunk