Hello! My name is Kelly. I’m paid to be a web developer for a company called Spoonflower. We make custom printed fabric for anyone that uploads and image to our site. It’s pretty cool (but don’t trust me, I’m biased).

I’ve been interested in sewing since I was a child, but working for a company where I have access to a LARGE supply of fabric has definitely encouraged that hobby. When I sew, my interest is definitely in apparel, every day clothing and costumes. I also recently acquired a floor loom, and have taken my love of fabric to a new level. Though I’m new to it, I am madly in love with weaving, and plan to getting to a point where I feel comfortable sewing clothing out of cloth I have woven myself.

I’ve loved books and reading for my entire life, and I especially love sharing what I read. Do you want to hear my opinion on any book? Recommend it to me!