Handwoven Pouches

Even after finishing that alpaca jacket (by the way, did I mention that got a FIRST PLACE at the NC State Fair?!?! Okay, done bragging, back to the point) I’ve still had a bit of fear of sewing with my handwoven fabric. For months now, I’ve held onto a stack of samples I did for a different project. These were woven of super lovely organic cotton yarn, and so soft and textured. But it was just few inches of this pattern, a few inches of that color. There wasn’t enough fabric to do anything serious with, but just enough to cobble together some simple zippered pouches. I figured this project would be the perfect way to ease myself into sewing with more obviously handwoven fabric.

I picked out some scrap fabric from my extensive stash of bits that were too big to throw, and a coil of leftover zipper. I also had on hand some scraps of leather that I purchased by the weight at a local place that re-sells the bits leftover from manufacturers.


I meant to take more photos as I went along, but to be honest this project was so easy and fast and fun I was practically done before I remembered.

I cut two rectangles of handwoven fabric, and two identical rectangles of lining fabric. I sandwiched the zipper between one of each, and then added two tiny rectangles of leather at each end of the zipper to act as stops.


Putting rights sides of handwoven against handwoven, and lining against lining, I went all the way around the edges. Then I “cut in” on the corners to give the pouch more depth and shape.

And – TA DAAA – I had a ridiculously gorgeous handwoven zippered pouch. I mean, I fell in love with this one instantly. It’s the occasional problem with deciding to become a professional maker and artist, I occasionally fall in love with one of my items and can’t bear to sell it.

This pouch is now the home to my “weaving planning” notebooks and pens. I love the small little Field Notes notebooks because they’re pocket sized, and come with graph paper, and make planning not to intimidating. And now I can keep it and my GLORIOUS new fountain pen together with other bits and bobs I use to keep track of current projects.

Don’t worry though, considering this project was such a gratifying success, I’ve been making a lot more similar pouches to sell. I’ve got plenty of more weaving samples and leftover fabric scraps to use up.

You can check out my etsy store or square store to see what unique recycled handwoven pouches I’ve got in stock!