Things Look … Different

Yes, its true, the blog has a new face! A little over a year and a half ago I migrated this blog onto my own platform. Tumblr was no longer really fitting what I wanted, and I was looking for an excuse to play with web development techniques I couldn’t look into at work.

That blog served me well, there was nothing wrong with it. But, well, if someone is determined to reinvent the wheel just to say they did it. There’s not much to do after its been done. And there are already so may good wheels out there already that require so much less maintenance. So here I am, using the biggest wheel in the garage.

And its a good wheel. I hope you guys enjoy it. Hopefully this transition leaves me more time for actually writing, sewing, weaving so you can read about it here. And I want to spend my coding time building something I haven’t found elsewhere on the internet. (hint hint, get excited, but not too fast, cause this one is going to take awhile…)

Anyways, I have moved over all the old posts that existed before. So your old favorites are still there, the photos and words still exist! Of course, sadly, I am way too lazy to figure out how to forward the custom urls, and so any links lingering around will probably break. But, to balance that, wordpress has an actual real SEARCH, so there’s that.

Linger, explore, see what you can find. Leave a comment so that I know you exist!

Another thing I’m going to experiment with is actually giving Etsy another go-around. This time with scarves and woven goods. So yes, I’ve got a bit of an Etsy Store set up, and I’ll likely be committing some of my better experiments to it. A girl can only wear so many scarves at once. And yes, there is a friends and family discount, if you want anything you see definitely let me know! 😀

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