Grainline Studio Alder Shirtdress ★★★★

24lineartThis dress is super flattering … with a few modifications. It’s definitely a straight silhouette smock-like pattern, so both times I used it I ended up adding front and back darts around the bodice to add shape and structure. I’m a bit of a classic pear shape, and my wide hips made all dresses look WIDE unless I have some definition around the waist. That said, it was super easy to add said modifications, and with them the dress is adorable flattering and comfortable. I also drafted and added short sleeves in one version, and that was easy as well! The collar construction is fairly simple and flattering.

I used Sprout Patterns when I sewed this dress, and it worked out great!
To see the modifications I made to this pattern, you should see my post here: Sprout Hacks with the Alder Shirtdress

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