Spoonflower Staff Challenge 2016

Every year, spoonflower employees all put their minds to a themed design challenge to rank our skill at speed designing fabrics. And every year I spam my friends and family into voting me up so that I can hopefully make top 10 and win some booze ;-). Though first place gets a custom CHAIR covered in their design!

So I ask you all now, go vote for my lovely abstract water color clouds! They look so good!

Don’t believe me? Check out how amazing it looks on this dress AND this fabri-mache deer head. (The deer head is a present for reaching 5 years at Spoonflower. Does my company give a clock? A gift card? A plaque? Nope. A fabric covered deer head.)

This is unrelated to the staff challenge, but I have a history of, well, dressing to match other things in my scenery. Its one of those things I just find too funny about working for a company that prints their own fabric, wallpaper etc. I can literally chameleon myself into my surroundings. There’s even rather a lot of photographic evidence of this happening. In one of the photos, you can see me blending into a couch. If (big IF, but if) I win this staff challenge, I already have my dress prepared. And I could hang a fabric covered deer head above it. It would just be such a beautiful weird image.

So please, do what you can. VOTE FOR ME: