Clasped Weft Scarf

This is a clasped weft scarf in soft wool. I’d seen a similar effect on pinterest somewhere, and just loved the way it looked. Almost like a sound wave pattern, or a city skyline. I read up about it, and discovered the concept of “clasped weft.” Its really quite simple, but so striking, and varied depending on how you use colors. I want to do a tutorial for it, once I have another project that needs it, but for now I’ll leave you with this cool gif I made.


I know, I still think gifs are cool, sorry. 😉

It was a fun project, my first done without a specific purpose or person in mind, simply because I wanted to experiment. Now that I know what it looks like, I suspect you’ll see more clasped weft projects soon. Its definitely slower to weave, but I’ve got some good ideas on how to use it. You could encode binary messages using one colors as 0 and the other as 1, hehe. You could weave in a section of music you really love. You could imitate a specific city’s skyline, or measuring carefully get some cool sine curves. It’s also a pattern that lends itself well to weaving in some LEDs or conductive thread, not that I’m getting too excited or anything.

Anyways, proof that my loom as been busy in the last six months. Very very busy as you’ll find out next time.

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