Wedding Shawl

This is the second finished project from my loom, and I love it almost more than the first. It was intended to be a wedding shawl for a friend… Who was getting married in June, in 100deg weather. Ehh, its the thought that counts πŸ˜‰

The pattern is called “huck lace,” and it was fascinating and easy to weave. It creates an interesting wave-like pattern by alternating basic weave sections with long “float” sections. This means that once the fabric is removed from the loom and loses that tension the float areas are allowed to bunch together, while the plain weave sections stay stable. It also means that the warp threads float on one side, and the weft on the other, to create an interesting color effect.

I was inspired by the pattern in examples online, and I wanted to do something traditional by giving a blue gift to a bride. I found a lovely soft full wool (Jaggerspun Heather Line 2/8) in cream and light blue. Oh it is glorious yarn. So easy to work with, and so soft once I fulled it.

In the end I was having so much fun I wove a little too far, the “shawl” is almost long enough to be a lap blanket. But it feels and looks so good, I can’t complain. I really truly enjoyed this project, and can’t wait to see what I’ll weave next.


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