Burda Style Cap Sleeve Godet Dress ★★

Burda Style Cap Sleeve Godet Dress 09/2014 #122

I did not end up having good luck with this dress. It is problematic to fit, especially if you’re not classic model sized. The lining doesn’t really work well and ends up riding up. And the front skirt curve, while it looks great on the model, ends up looking like a weird apron flap or something in real life. The front skirt wants to be flowy, because of the drape of that weird front curve, and the back skirt is almost tightly fitted.

Without wide hips, this dress probably works better. But with them, its almost impossible to alter this pattern to fit flatteringly.

I used this pattern for this dress: Science Girl Drinks Beer… yes, again.

Science Girl Drinks Beer… yes, again.

Science of Beer is coming up, hopefully I can get this made by thursday for Science Girl, it’s been awhile since she’s made a real appearance. I loved the interesting gradient effect on their poster and wanted to emulate it. I’m also trying out a 3D modeler that allows me to see a dress concept without going to the expense and bother of actually sewing it. Its fun to play with!

Pattern is Burda 122- Cap sleeve Godet Dress


Hops and wheat designs by Phillip Markel on spoonflower.

The middle yellow has the chemical makeup of ethanol (like the second panel in the poster) and was “designed” by me for the purpose, as well as the pale gray with museum butterfly logo.


I reviewed this dress pattern here: Burda Style Cap Sleeve Godet Dress ★★