Faux-thropologie Tee

So, someone on pinterested tagged a really cute tshirt I saw made by Anthropologie (I’d link it, but I’d rather not advertise a $40 tshirt), and it had a really cool structure with cutouts on the back. And I thought to myself… I could do that…

So I did. I used a tshirt pattern I already had an that I liked, only I cut TWO back pieces. Then I free handed the shape, and cut it out of both pieces (mirrored, obviously) and sewed the bottom half up the middle. If only I’d known it would turn out so well, I would have taken progress pictures and actually made this more of a tutorial, but I honestly thought it was going to be a disaster.

There are definitely things I’d tweak about it, if/when I do it again. The front neckline isn’t perfect, and the sleeves are too wide. Maybe it should be more of a tanktop. I’d probably make the crossed strips in the back a little narrower as well. But for now, I’m calling it an excellent success!

It was also a fun chance to pull out my twin needle and practice nifty knit hemming techniques. There are some GREAT tips on finishing knit hems on this tutorial here.

The fabric is by Mod Mint Triangles by mrshervi.