Blue Corduroy Skirt

This is one of those examples of times when I make a horrible mistake that turns out perfectly. For you see, I’d forgotten that corduroy not only has a very obvious grain line, but that light hits it differently in one direction of that grain than the other. And yet I paid no attention to which way the top of my pieces were pointing when I cut them out.

You can see the offending pieces right there to the side of the center panel, yes, the ones that perfectly accentuate your hips in a skirt like this. I feel like the vertical lines create a slimming effect, an also exaggerate the curves in the interesting piecework of this pattern. I love that I wasn’t paying attention and it worked out so wonderfully. Sometimes luck happens.

The pattern itself is Vogue 8750. I chose it because it has that interesting bit of flare and twirl, and I love the construction. It was very easy and simple pattern to put together, for all its apparent complexity. I went to a little effort to make it actually look professional and did some topstitching along the seam lines.

All in all, I’m excessively pleased with this skirt. I wrote a review of the pattern I used here: Vogue Skirt V8750 ★★★★

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