Science Girl Goes To Space

The local museum wished to celebrate the flight of Yuri Gargarin, the first man in space, and of course Space Girl had to go along.

The pattern was a simple one I actually used previously on this octopus dress, when I first joined spoonflower (and completely unrelated, started sewing more frequently). McCall’s M6027. I wrote a review of this pattern here: McCall’s Dress M6027 ★★★

The fabric is one of Spoonflower’s most popular galaxy prints. But, it wasn’t quite evocative of a true midnight sky… It needed something more.

I used the excellent bedazzling skills I learned at halloween to give the dress a little extra sparkle.

The dress was a big hit, everyone loved it. There was even a place where you could pose with real space-gear in front of the moon mural. Science Girl couldn’t fit the helmet on her head, so she chose the boot instead.

McCall’s Dress M6027 ★★★

14lineartI was a bit rushed when I used this pattern, so I don’t really know if the problems I had with the fit around the shoulders were really me, or it. But it honestly think the pattern is just fit weirdly. Other than that, its a very simple pattern, just a series of curved strips that build a dress. And I got many compliments on the finished dress, so it worked out well.

To see that dress, check it out here:Science Girl Goes To Space