Staff Challenge Steampunk Quilt

Remember when I said I’d been really really really really busy? Right, this is ANOTHER part of that busy. It is once again that time of year for the Spoonflower Staff Challenge. Every week, spoonflower holds a contest open to anyone to design fabric based on whatever the theme of the week is. Once a year, they hold a contest where the EMPLOYEES have to design a fabric, and the rest of the world gets to judge and vote on us. We also have to make something out of the fabric. Last year, I was in a team with a guy named Jaysen, and we reupholstered a chair that had been in his wife’s family for generations. Here’s that blog post.

Last year, the theme was open to anything we wanted to make. Since we have so many more employees (and since teams last year took it to some pretty CRAZY EXTREMES) they decided to try to contain our creativity just a bit, and actually give us a theme: quilts. We can make whatever we want, as long as its a quilt. Haha.

I’m with a pretty awesome team, two lovely people named Lindy and Deron. You know how cool they are? It wasn’t even MY idea to do steampunk, it was theirs. Yep, they’re that cool.

Anyways, right, so we’re doing a Steampunk Chessboard Quilt. That’s right, we’re so awesome our quilt is more than a quilt. Its also a chessboard (or checkers.) Its a game of life and death, between two mad scientists and their clockwork army, and a mysterious Kraken of the deep ocean, who also happens to be possessing half the nobility of London. Royal squid zombies.

Lovely Lindy has a background in graphic design, and since neither Deron nor I can draw very well, she’s doing all the difficult design work. She drew the game board, that awesome image of a squid attacking an airship is all hers. And she’s working on making unique designs for all the chess pieces, which are, of course, squids versus gears.

For the quilt back, I thought it’d be fun and silly to have a faux newspaper article. Especially since that doesn’t require me to draw anything. (Yes, that article title says “SCIENTIST’S DISCOVERY: QUEEN VICKY IS A ZOMBIE”)

Did you also know that YOU could make this quilt yourself? We made it that easy! We uploaded a cut-n-sew version to spoonflower right here. All you have to do is buy two yards of fabric, cut out the pieces, and follow our easy instructions for how to make your very own steampunk chess quilt. Astound your friends and family!

Don’t like chess? Just buy one yard and play CHECKERS! (which we all know is the superior game anyways…)


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