Yellow Lantern

Remember when I said I’d been really really busy? This was part of that busy. This is me learning things about Spandex. And Foamies. Yes…. Lots of learning. So this was a project for a friend. He wanted a Yellow Lantern costume that wasn’t necessarily screen accurate, but more fun to wear (And with black boots, because finding yellow boots for men is apparently rather difficult. :-D) The costume itself was designed byNick Fair.

Somehow I only ended up with one in-progress shot, me carving up a bit of foamie for the chest emblem. However, for about two weeks, my dining/sewing room was an exploded mess of yellow and black spandex and craft foam. Seriously, an army of suicidal craft bumblebees decided it was an appropriate place to explode.


I’d never made a body suit before, especially for someone of the male persuasion. Men’s bodies are weird. I’m just going to put that out there. That whole hips the same size as the waist thing really weirds me out when I’m drafting pattern pieces, they look like the wrong shape. Anyways, the body suit wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. I got some awesome advice from the Lake Fairy (facebook, etsy), and spandex is very forgiving and stretchy.

I’d also never worked with Foamies before. Yes, those silly sheets of craft foam that I never thought I’d touch again once I’d left the second grade. Apparently, its pretty awesome and has some good uses in “serious” “adult” costuming. Well, I had a mixed experience with it. For the shoulder armor, belt, and chest emblem, it worked pretty great! It has nice clean sharp lines, doesn’t fray, and best of all will actually hold a curved shape if you heat it up (hair dryer worked fine, no need for a heavy duty heat gun.)

However, its also rather fragile. I made the mistake of trying to close the bracers with snaps, but the snaps just rip straight through the craft foam. (I didn’t have enough time to remake the bracers before my friend up there had to leave for Shevacon, hence no bracers in the picture.) Its also difficult to find a glue that will actually bond to the foam strong enough for a BIG GIANT GUY to casually abuse it when using it in a costume. Costumes come under a fair amount of wear and tear, and I’d prefer to find something that actually held up for more than one con at a time. Luckily, foamies are super duper cheap, so remaking everything three times over still comes out to cheaper than the rest of the costume.

All in all, it was a pretty good success, and I learned a lot. And once I get a chance to fix the little things that are bothering me (the way the coat curls up at the edges and shows the lining at the chest *sigh*) it’ll be ones of the costumes I’m seriously proud of.

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