Science Girl – The Beginning

What is this? Oh, its just the poster for the awesome event at a local museum. SCIENCE FICTION with actual SCIENCE. Oh yes, its real. If you’re local to Durham, NC, you should check out the NC Museum of Life and Science’s After Hours events.

They have cool stuff like “Science of Beer” and “Science of Wine” and other adult topics. Heroes and Villains is all about the science behind movie special effects, board games, comic books, and cool geeky stuff. I have named the super hero on the poster Science Girl. And yes, I am going to make that outfit and wear it to the event. ‘cause I am just that awesome.

EDITED: Oops, actually that’s not an original super hero, evidentially its Mary Marvel. Clearly I’m not exactly up on old-school comics. Oh well…. I still might make something to wear to the museum event, haha.

Since I’ve been posting super wordy long posts lately, here’s a crappy low-quality picture of the Science Girl costume! While it may be one of the coolest, its not the neatest thing I’ve sewn in awhile. (See what I did there? Puntastic!) But I sewed it in about 4 hrs straight, and it only had to survive the one night of Heroes and Villains After Dark. And it was a fantastically fun night.

Sadly, I don’t have a good picture of me actually wearing it. I seriously need to get better about that. Oh well.

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