Wallpaper Dress

This is a dress I’m excited to have finished. Its not my usual style, but the pattern was cute, and very simple. Its really only four pieces (front, back, bottom and top) with a few pleats thrown in. The pattern is butterick 5672. And I’ll take any excuse to work with the spoonflower knit, since its so lovely and soft. My favorite part about this dress is the fabric design. Which is, of course, a spoonflower pattern designed by Holli Zollinger. Its also not my usual style, but there’s a specific reason why I chose it.

I reviewed this pattern here: Butterick Sheath Dress B5672 ★★★★

The chameleon circuit in my dress is broken, and now its stuck in that pattern forever!

So I rarely model my own dresses, mostly because I’m too lazy to find someone else to hold the camera. But this time I couldn’t resist.

The exciting secret I referred to in my last post is that soon Spoonflower will also be offering wallpaper! That’s right! Imagine being able to design your own wallpaper. We’re still in beta testing mode, and we haven’t made a big announcement yet. But since Wired already knows, I figured it was okay to tell the world and show off my awesome chameleon dress.

When wallpaper was still in its “alpha testing” stage, we put it up on this tiny bit of wall in the spoonflower offices. Ever since that happened I’ve wanted to make a matching dress, and then stand there and pretend no one can see me. Yes, I might be a dork, its been noted. I even have a tag for posts where exhibit this tendency.

Since there is no audio on this picture, you should know that I’m making that awkward sound that Kronk makes in The Emporer’s New Groove where he’s singing his own theme song and he freezes in front of a wall and pretends no one can see him and even “pauses” his song on a single note. Yeah. You know what I’m talking about.

Butterick Sheath Dress B5672 ★★★★

9lineartThis pattern is actually quite easy to put together. And, if you ignore the hideous fabric which they chose for the cover model, it ends up being quite sophisticated. Even though its not my usual style, I was quite satisfied with the results.

I made the mistake of using a 1-way stretch instead of a 2-way stretch fabric, and so it doesn’t give as much when pulling the dress on. However, it holds is structure quite well, and I would be worried about that with a softer knit. Choose your fabric wisely.

I used this pattern for making this dress: Wallpaper Dress