The One With The Wedding

So yep, the secret crazy time consuming project I’ve been working on was a WEDDING DRESS. I feel so special and accomplished.

A good friend of our family was getting married, wanted it do it on a sane budget (ie, less than it would cost to buy a house) and didn’t like most things about modern wedding dresses. So she turned to me, since she knew I liked to sew. It was wonderful to work with her, she’s very sane, and calm, and never once went bridezilla, even through all the craziness that always surrounds wedding plans.

The dress was very simple, but pure elegance in its simplicity! (The Middleman, anyone? No? Go check it out. Then come back and laugh at my bad joke.) Its 50’s style, slightly longer than tea length, with a simple sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. The base is a plain white underdress of spoonflower’s sateen (unprinted, obviously) with a lace overdress. We chose that lace because the bride absolutely fell in love with the edging.

I wish I had a clear picture of the back of the dress. I used the classic wedding buttons because I think they’re just wonderful. And the lace used in the sleeves come to a nice V shape in the back that’s just beautiful, if I do say so myself.

I also made the veil, because WOW, wedding stores charge a LOT for veils. Seriously, her veil is two layers with a blusher, and goes almost down to her ankles. The materials for it cost about 6$ and took less than 30 minutes to put together. In a “budget” wedding store, they charge 50-100$ for something like that, more if you want pearls or lace or crystals.

Anyways, I feel seriously proud of how the whole thing turned out. She looks absolutely adorable. One of her requests was that the dress TWIRL. I couldn’t agree more.

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