Purple Shirt Dress

I’ve been having lots of fun with surprise linings lately!

This dress came from vogue pattern 8577, which I got because it has my two favorite things: a flowy skirt, and POCKETS. I reviewed my experience with the pattern here: Vogue Shirt Dress V8577 ★★★★★

I made it out of a medium weight linen, because I just love the texture of linen and because the dark purple caught my eye. Though it also left my hands fairly purple by the end of it. The green lining was an impulse, but I’m glad I went with it. I love that extra bit of color.

Floral Shirt

This was a quick fun little project. I picked out the pattern because I love boat neck shirts, they’re wonderfully flattering on me. I also really like the detail of gap line in the back.

It was made from butterick pattern 5497. The only thing that made it tricky is that I found the underbust seam really tight on me, and it was definitely tighter in the torso than I’m usually comfortable with. I plan on making this shirt again, except perhaps following the pattern for shirt A, and I’ll definitely go up a size from what I normally use.

The shirt is made out of spoonflower fabric designed by Locamode. I’m actually wearing the shirt in the final picture, which we used for myMeet Spoonflower Interview, taken by Stephen Frasier.

I wrote a review for this pattern here: Butterick Blouse B5497 ★★★★

Butterick Blouse B5497 ★★★★

7lineartThis pattern is very easy, and pretty flexible. Both shirts I’ve made with it are very flattering and have gotten multiple compliments.

The first time I tried it, I made version B and actually totally missed that it was supposed to be made out of a stretch fabric. This means that its actually quite difficult to get on, but once on it wears just fine.

When I did version A, on the other hand, I used a very soft loose knit, which feels great. But the V-neck is a little too deep for me, and is slightly near-exposing.

With a couple of tweaks, this blouse pattern works great. And the details in the back are always what people point out as lovely.

I used this pattern to create this shirt: Floral Shirt