Pikachu Onesie

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. A full-body pikachu suit, made of comfortable, cuddly, fleece. It even has a tail. One of my friends commissioned it as a Christmas present for another of my friends. The pictures were taken on the fly in his kitchen, so they’re not the best. But seeing as the girl wearing it regularly models, I’ll see if I can get some better pictures.

I reviewed the pattern I used here: Simplicity Animal Onesie 2853 ★★★

Shots of the pikachu outfit worn at illogicon 2012, in Raleigh NC. Photos by Jayce Williams, you can find his whole album of the con here .

50’s Birthday Dress

I’ve been a little 50s dress obsessed lately. Maybe I jumped on the Mad Men wagon a bit late, or maybe its just the fun Retro patterns I got on sale. Anyways, I decided I needed a tea dress, petticoat et al. The dress is a simple cotton (not spoonflower actually, I wanted something a little softer than our quilting weight) with my favorite boat neckline, and a low back. I love this style, it is ridiculously flattering on me. This was also the first time I ever made a full petticoat. I used the sugardale tutorial, which was very well written, simple, with clear directions. It was one of the most tedious sewing projects I’ve ever done. And took longer to make than the dress itself. But it looks exactly like what I wanted, so I’m satisfied!

I wrote a review of this dress pattern here: Butterick Retro Dress B5603 ★★★★★